The one hobby outside of beer that takes Megalodon-like bites out of the bank account.

The Writer

Birthed in 1988 and raised in two of the most insular communities in New Zealand, it’s no real surprise I have ended up settling (at least, for the meantime) in Palmerston North. I worked as a waiter, barista, cafe manager and a bartender, before taking up journalism as a profession (it is a good excuse to research people, places and things I am curious about, with the proviso I tell everyone what I learned). Two years in Wellington saw my spending money quickly divert from music equipment to beer, although the former is trying damn hard to reclaim the title of Largest Hole In My Bank Account. Hobbies outside of (but often involving) beer include running, drumming, and reading.

The Blog

My first post-journalism school gig required a move from Wellington to Palmerston North. Once the joy of getting a job settled down, I was hit with an important question – how am I going to get good beer in Palmerston North? A talk with Joseph Wood of Liberty Brewing fame (then both a brewery and home brew supply store) saw me take up home brewing, with the Joseph-enforced condition I blog about the trip.

From Drinker to Brewer was first a blog about learning how to brew (and how to write). Soon poached by my paymasters, it morphed into a place for me to write about anything related to beer, brewing and the alcohol industry. This third incarnation, established after a year of award-inflicted writer’s block, will work much the same as its predecessor, sans the need to have photos with every post or conform to mainstream media rules around names and format.

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